Tenhou Stuff XIX

Evening! Today’s post is mostly focused on Riichi judgement. Feedback appreciated!!! 🙂 1. RIICHI JUDGEMENT  I think it’s best to Riichi. We have some tiles to upgrade to Pinfu but it’s better to get this Han from Dora and win. 2. RIICHI JUDGEMENT Another Dora wait. Different context. Since I didn’t want a shanpon wait, maybe I … More Tenhou Stuff XIX

Tenhou Stuff XVIII

Howdy! Here’s a bunch of screenshots to discuss, this time they’re not from my games: 1. 5 BLOCK METHOD How to divide this hand into blocks? 468m 2346p 1334567s (2 blocks) Souzu are very flexible and may produce two/three groups and a pair. One group + a pair is already there. 6p seems like a … More Tenhou Stuff XVIII