Krabman interviews… episode 3


Moi agenci dorwali ostatnio kolejnego kamieniarza! Tym razem to ktoś zza granicy… członek zorganizowanej grupy o nazwie Osamuko Mahjong Group. Mamy Cię, Tham Hin MrFeng!

  1. How did you start playing?
    Because of Saki. It made Mahjong look interesting.
  2. What do you like the most about Mahjong?
    It’s defense-oriented yet focusing too much on defense, you will lose the game badly.
  3. How often do you play?
    1 tenhou han-chan right before I sleep
  4. Online or offline?
    Live. Able to take people’s hesitation to meld/riichi/discard, glares at certain tiles, confidence of their meld (how fast they pon/chi) etc into consideration when reading my opponents.
  5. How do you practice?
    Tenhou. I also engage in discussions.
  6. Your favorite Yakuman?
  7. Any tournament achievements?
    10th in Osaka Getsurei Mahjong Tournament
  8. A quick tip for beginners?
     Refrain from melding like nobody’s business. Experiment with concealed to explore the potential of concealed hands to practice flexibility, playing around, controlling opponents and how draws can be more powerful than melds in many situations.Yakumanów życzę!

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