Krabman interviews… episode 4


Infiltrując dalej struktury Osamuko Mahjong Group, dokopaliśmy się do akt niejakiego Wei Bin Wang!

1. How did you start playing?

I was invited to the Japanese Mahjong Club with some friends in High School. Learned it, loved it. Watched anime and read about it, loved it even more.

2. What do you like the most about Mahjong?
It balances offensive and defensive play very well with numerous possible situations that canchange up the gameplay.
3. How often do you play?

It depends on my schedule and workload but usually I try to play one or two games on Tenhou a day.

4. Online or offline?

Live. Being able to touch the tiles and interact directly with other players is an essential part of mahjong that can’t be simulated nor substituted merely by clicking a mouse on a computer screen.

5. How do you practice?

There’s no real practice other than playing.

6. Your favorite Yakuman?

Daichisei (chiitoi with tsuiisou)

7. Any tournament achievements?

Other than local tournaments at my college, nope.

8. A quick tip for beginners?

Unless the situation calls for it, speed and maneuverability greatly outweighs hand value.

Yakumanów życzę!


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