Krabman interviews… episode 7

Malo e lelei!

Przesłuchań ciąg dalszy. Kolejnym zdemaskowanym agentem jest Fabricio Saliceti!

1. How did you start at Mahjong?

Via a friend. He got interested in Mahjong from Kaiji, the manga, and told me to learn it so we could play. I’ve got into it so hard that ended up buying a set (a chinese set, though) before learning all the basics!

2. What do you like the most about the game?

I love the excellent mix between ability and luck that goes into a match. The gods of mahjong could not be in your favor, but you have the tools aviable to turn that over.

3. How often do you play?

On average once a month. Maybe there are better months, but that’s average.

4. Online or live?

Live, all the time. Almost everytime I play, I play live (that’s one of the reasons that I only get to play one game per month). Live Mahjong has a different rhythm and feeling, having the chance to look at the faces of the opponents, the idle chat inbetween. More familiar, if you like.

5. How do you practice?

I use that common flash online game, that I think everyone that knows mahjong and internet have played. Rarely, when I know I’ve got some time to spare, I play some Tenhou.

6. Favorite Yakuman?

That I like: Kokushi Musô
That I like and I’ve got in real life: Shôsûshii

7. Any tournament achievements?


8. Any tips for beginners?

Don’t trust terminals!

Yakumanów życzę!


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