Krabman pyta, czyli wywiady z Kamieniarzami – odc. 8


Kolejny tydzień operacji Osamuko za nami. Kolejny agent przesłuchany. Tym razem w nasze sidła wpadł Nguyễn Đoàn Thuỷ!

  1. How did you start at Mahjong?
    Randomly found the Saki manga, read it and got curious.
  2.  What do you like the most about the game?
    It’s just like life, you always try to make the best decisions, then feeling miserable when you fail or laughing like an idiot if you succeed.
  3.  How often do you play?
    Depends, about 10-50 hanchans per month.
  4.  Online or live Mahjong – which do you prefer and why?
    Online, I’m more used to it, since I had to play online for 1.5 years before having the chance to touch the tiles. I can focus better when playing online, while with real tiles players often talk a bit too much.
  5.  How do you pratice?
    Playing on Tenhou, watching the replays sometimes to find mistakes.
  6. Favorite Yakuman?
    Kokushi musou. Favorite Yaku is Riichi btw.
  7.  Any tournament achievements?
    Nothing considerable, 4 victories in some friendly tournaments.
  8. A quick tip for Mahjong beginners?
    Try your best to remember all Yaku. Then refrain from making Honitsu and Toitoi all the time.

    Yakumanów życzę!

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