Tenhou Stuff I


***As a beginner I reserve myself the right to drivel***

  1. adgege

    WWYD? It’s a good idea to secure Sanshoku here. That leaves us two options: breaking up kanchan 35s or ryankan 135m. I’d go with 1m to get two 3579 shapes in Souzu & Manzu.

  2. sdfsf

    Is going for Junchan worth considering here? Only 1s guarantees Junchan at this point but it’s early and Junchan, Pinfu, Dora 1 is quite tempting. On the other hand, we can possibly get a Mangan with our current tenpai.

  3. klasdiosd

    I wonder if the player (Tsuyoshi Kobayashi) discarded that 7p with Kuitan in mind? It’s getting late, the hand’s going nowhere. He has 45p so he’s still waiting on 6p. 9p wouldn’t help anyway. Lone Honors (Chun, at least) may be good  for defense later on.May Yakuman be with you!

11 thoughts on “Tenhou Stuff I

  1. 1. I wouldn’t count on sanshoku, too many lucky draws to get. Still, I would also drop 1m.
    2. Nah, not worth it to break the 456m shape. Instariichi dora kanchan.
    3. You’re probably right with your analysis; still, I think dropping the 7p is too much. I’d drop chun.

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    1. Thanks ;p
      1. Yeah, there’s also a chance for Ippeiko. If I remember correctly, the guy discarded 3s which surprised me.
      2. Exactly what I did but I prefered to check that with others 🙂
      3. I’m wondering about clearing Ton first. It’s more likely to be someone’s wait. What do you think?


  2. 1. First of all, what is the game situation? If it is a knockout tournament where only the 1st place guy advances to the next round, then it makes sense to keep open the possibility of itsuu as well as sanshoku. Or if it is a tournament where you are definitely going to win the tournament unless you get last place in this game, then your priority is to either win a big hand or keep lots of safe cards and NOT win a cheap renchan. Because the cheap renchan would just give more rounds for the last place guy to get out of last place with a big win.

    Personally I would also have discarded 1m in this situation. (If I was playing on tenhou as 2 dan.) I can keep the possibility of sanshoku for this turn, but since I am dealer the priority is to play as efficiently as possible and put a bit more distance between myself and the 3rd place guy. I wouldn’t hesitate to abandon the sanshoku for efficiency. E.g. I discard 1m here, then let’s say on the next turn I draw a 7p, then I will discard 9p.

    I admit that the possibility of discarding 3s wouldn’t even have crossed my mind. But if I think about it, both 1m discard and 3s discard leave me in 3-shanten, and even if I discard 3s there are still many tiles which I can draw to improve my hand to 2-shanten. Maybe the chance of a better score is worth the slight loss of efficiency. I’m not sure.

    2. I’m 99% sure that this is insta-riichi by discarding 3s. Since you are the dealer, the priority is to get a renchan. I would consider Junchan only if I wasn’t the dealer.

    It’s good that you are constantly looking for areas to improve your game. Since you have an open mind, I am sure you will learn fast! 🙂

    3. I believe Kobayashi’s concern is that he just wants to keep as many safe tiles as possible. He already has 5 groups in his hand (i.e. 1st group 45p, 2nd group 788p, 3rd group 57s, 4th group 233m, 5th group 56m) therefore he can keep ton and chun in his hand without much cost to efficiency. And if he is keeping ton and chun, (and he wants to keep 2 pairs 88p and 33m,) then the choice of discard is between 7p and 2m. Since no one has discarded 7p or 8p, but someone has discarded 3m, so Kobayashi discards 7p first, so that later he might still be able to discard 3m safely.

    Kobayashi is currently in first place, and this is a tonpuusen (you can see 東風戦 in the top right corner), so Kobayashi is keeping safe tiles to avoid last place.

    Also, what happens if there was no lag when toimen discarded the ton? Then you can conclude that kamicha and shimocha did not have a pair of ton at that time. And since they did not discard ton in their next turns, (and ton is not the dora,) then you can conclude that probably no one else has a ton in their hand. Then Kobayashi’s ton is probably safe, AND he has a good chance of drawing another ton. If he draws another ton, he will discard chun immediately.

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    1. Thanks a lot for your insight!

      3. I totally overlooked that Tonpuusen hahaha Game mode often makes a big difference!

      I’ve been lately shifting my view on playing Mahjong. I question more & more moves, sometimes even the ones that seem obvious. I look for alternatives & play around with different tactics in friendly games. I’m still a beginner, as I think Tenhou says a lot about someone’s skill level and I haven’t yet passed 2nd Dan xD

      I play fast Tonpuusen on Tenhou. I was suggested that by xKime (Nicholas Giaconia). I’ve improved massively in the last 2 years, but I still make huge mistakes which come from, as I call it, lazy brain.

      I think that to be really good at Mahjong your mind’s to run at full throttle whenever you play. Awareness is the key to good judgement. When I’m in my lazy brain mode, I start to play mechanically and make silly mistakes. That’s where fast Tonpuusen steps in. It FORCES me to think and quickly process available information. I can also play more games per day!

      I will be posting some Tenhou videos soon so stay tuned 🙂


      1. It’s good to question obvious moves once in a while. I used to mindlessly deal a lone guest wind tile for my first discard, in EVERY round. But after I read Daina Chiba’s awesome new book, I suddenly realised that the “obvious” guest wind discard might be a mistake! (In situations where you don’t want to pon yakuhai but your hand is likely to become pinfu.)

        I totally understand the “lazy brain” thing. Sometimes it’s very tempting to just chill out and relax and let your focus wander. But it leads to bad play! I agree that you need to have your full attention on the game.

        By the way, I use https://obsproject.com (OBS) for recording my Tenhou videos. I find it easy to use and hassle-free. (And it’s open source too!) If you’re using something else and you’re not satisfied, then you might want to check out OBS.


      2. Yeah, once you get solid with tile efficiency, defense and so on you start to pay more attention to little details such as the one you’ve mentioned. Daina Chiba did a HUGE favor to every player who doesn’t speak Japanese! I can’t even describe with words how awesome that book is!

        It’s also important to not confuse that attention with focus as in strain, tension or even anxiety. You gotta be relaxed and observe the course of action. I think only then can you play to the best of your abilities.

        Thanks for that recommendation. I was using Bandicam which in my opinion is a really cool software. I’ve switched to OBS now because I’ve started to stream Tenhou games. There’s a link to our Twitch on my blog. Our streams are in Polish but they may be fun to watch nontheless ;p

        Can you give me a link to your videos?


  3. that 7p discard might not have been the very best move. even if he wanted to go for kuitan while keeping safe tiles, discarding 2m would have made more sense with 2 1m on the table, and 2m is a much safer discard than 7p at this point. Perhaps what he was trying to do is to cheapen his opponents’ hands by making them meld. An example is when shimocha has a tanyao hand with 56p, by calling on 7p, he loses the chance to riichi and get that additional dora. Discarding dora suji is sometimes good for lowering the hand value of your opponents, but should be done carefully since they might deal in immediately.


    1. Wow, that’s something I wouldn’t even have thought about. Is that a common tactic in high level games?

      If you know Japanese, here’s the video. Perhaps he commented on that move:

      Eventually, he went for Kuitan.


  4. Nope I don’t understand Japanese. I still wouldn’t think of 7p as a good discard though. This tactic is better used when you have a sizeable lead, and perhaps also a shitty hand, so you want to assist your shimocha in making a quick hand. If your hand has no future, then you can make use of others to speed up the game =)


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