Tenhou Stuff II


***As a beginner I reserve myself the right to drivel***



WWYD? Since we have a pair of Nan and thus, no Pinfu, I’d go with 6p to aim for Chanta, Sanshoku or perhaps even Ittsuu (;p – to our Polish Twitch viewers)



A good example of awareness, I think. Tsuchida-san has a pretty flexible hand for pushing. He could’ve discarded genbutsu 5s & wait for 5m. However, 6s is genbutsu against Shimocha. That makes it more likely to come out as neither Kamicha, nor Toimen show signs of full betaori. 5m is half suji against Shimocha, but I don’t think anyone would be tempted to throw it.

What do you think?



Bad shape & no urgency to win. Many beginners keep chasing similar hands (which I also did here!). It’s not advised. Shimocha is most likely going for Souzu Honitsu. What’s worse is that 9s is Dora. We don’t want to throw him ANY Souzu tiles. I think that even that Nan I threw earlier was a bit too much 😀 This hand should fold, starting NOW.

As I said, I fed one meld to Shimocha and he got Tsumo later on.

Many beginners get frustrated and call that blind luck – “goddamn son of a bitch got 3 Dora, Honitsu and dared to TSUMO on my Oya turn”. No, you (I) FED that Honitsu when it was time to FOLD. Getting over the ‘blame everyone but me’ stage is a sign of maturing as a Mahjong player, in my opinion.

Moral of the story: don’t feed people’s hands when you don’t need to win yours. And for SpongeBob’s sake – don’t deal into obvious Honitsu/Chinitsu hands. Every time you do it, a hamster dyes…



Oorasu. We’re tenpai. It’s really late and we don’t want to get a Ron from Toimen. The risk of getting 4th is low but we’d much rather finish 2nd than 3rd. I think it’s time to fold with 7m. With some luck we might  sashikomi to Shimocha/Kamicha ;p

During the game, I went for Shanpon Riichi and got Ippatsu Ron on Toimen xD I think that was bad play nontheless. I’d love to hear your thoughts on that!

May Yakuman be with you!


4 thoughts on “Tenhou Stuff II

  1. 1. I’d deal 6p too. Also I wouldn’t call pon on a nan. Even though I’m in joint last place with 18400 points, it’s still early and there’s no urgency to win a hand, and since I can’t see ANY of the 7 dora, I’d much rather keep 2 nan for defense.

    2. I agree with all your statements. And a tanki wait is very nice to have in a dama tenpai, because of its great flexibility.

    3. Yes, don’t feed the honitsu 🙂 The earlier nan discard was bad if the kan dora indicator of Ton was already visible. But if you couldn’t see the kan dora indicator at that time, then I think the nan discard is ok.

    4. I’d be really scared if a 4 dan player declares a riichi like this, with this score situation. The 4 dan player knows how much last place costs him, so I’d assume that his hand is worth at least 6400. (By the way, don’t forget to account for the riichi stick when calculating point differences!) It’s more likely that his hand is mangan or haneman. And also don’t forget that the 6400 hand becomes haneman anyway if he gets the ura dora. Definitely fold here.

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    1. 1. Yes.
      I tend to avoid calling without a spare pair to keep. Unless it’s getting really late and I want to call to avoid noten. Only if it’s not too dangerous!

      Thanks for a comment!


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