Tenhou Stuff IV

Ten hut!

***As a beginner I reserve myself the right to drivel***

First off, I’d like to share with you one of the best Mahjong games I’ve ever played. Such a rollercoaster!


I messed up oorasu xD

    która para

Which pair should go? We’re iishanten. We can hope for 69m5p for 14p ryanmen tenpai. Completing 14p ryanmen leaves us with shanpon. Middle tile pairs can easily form shapes like 566/667 or 455/556, so I think that 9m is the one to be discarded.



Would you push Ton here?



At this point, two pairs should be kept, so 3s is the one to leave the building, right? Then we can hope for 2357p and 5s to get tenpai.

May Yakuman be with you!


4 thoughts on “Tenhou Stuff IV

  1. 1. The tile to discard here is 2p, because it leaves space for both 7 pairs and a normal hand. And anyway, although this hand is isshanten, aiming for a riichi nomi hand is not desirable since you are not dealer. Better to aim for 7toi, then try to improve the wait to a dora or honour later. 2. You have 8s, there is no need to push the ton yet. After that, you have 2 sha to discard. You do not need to risk discarding the ton for this hand. 3. Yes 3s is a clear choice, since there is one 4s on the table. Furthermore, keeping pairs of fives in your hand are good for utilising aka doras on tenhou.

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  2. 1. discard 3p. Tsuchida theory, 2p will arrives. But the only yaku to chase here are 7toi and chinitsu. No room for riichi-nomi.

    2. As mentioned by lance, no need to push ton. discard 89m or 8s to play around.

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  3. 1. No point in winning a cheap ass riichi-nomi hand here, aim for chiitoitsu.
    2. I would drop 8s and see what happens next.
    3. Yeah, 3s. I think 2p is also playable with aka-nashi, thou,

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