Tenhou Stuff V


Another bunch of screenshots…

***As a beginner I reserve myself the right to drivel***



Oorasu. Fighting for 3rd place. I felt that calling 2m here wasn’t all that good. This hand had potential for 5800 with 5m. Or even a Mangan with aka 5m xD I also didn’t want to wait on Pinzu tiles, seeing Toimen’s (apparent) Pinzu Honitsu. My plan was to develop my Pinzu shape and end up with 25m ryanmen in tenpai. It worked. I got 3p later on and Toimen dealt in with 5m.

Do you think that was a good move? It wasn’t early and I risked furiten in case of gettin 2p.



My poor Riichi judgment was tested here.

Riichi Pinfu with — well…. a two sided + 1 wait. However, I don’t think I need to win that BADLY. Dealing in is a disaster. On the other hand, I only have 1 genbutsu against Toimen.

Toimen’s Tsumo throws Shimocha down to the snakepit and it doesn’t necessarily mean losing 1st.

What do you think? Would the decision be different if this was Hanchan?



We’re iishanten. Dealing 8s means waiting for 27p to Riichi Dora (2). Both kanchans could improve with a bit of luck.

However, is dealing 1p here playable? Souzu shape could be looked at as 456 77 78 with 9 tiles to get 2 groups and a pair. Best scenario: we get 6s and 7p for Tanpin Dora 2 ryanmen tenpai 😀

Opponents have barely discarded Manzu tiles so this might not be a good option. It’s not that early either & we don’t need to aim for a high scoring hand. I simply love pointless mulling xD



WWYD? 2 pairs should be kept. 6s gives the widest ukeire: 47(9)m4p8s. Looking at Manzu as 56 789, I  discarded 9m which could’ve led to a lame tanki tenpai. Old habits…



Shanpon tenpai with 3 outs. I decided to deal 6s and wait to improve the wait with 7m68p. Neither of them came 😀 The round ended in Ryuukyoku with Shimocha in tenpai.

I think in such situations, the pressure of an early Riichi is more important than our wait.

Even though the number of tiles to improve to ryanmen was decent, I gave my opponents time to build their hands. If I had declared Riichi, Kamicha would’ve probably folded right away, Toimen could’ve pushed if he had had a good hand & Shimocha would’ve probably gone all in which would’ve given me a good chance for Ron.

What do you think?



My decision was to pursue Sanshoku. I discarded 8p. Looking back, I can’t believe how I could’ve missed Chinitsu here… Or Chuuren Poutou!

BTW: I lately got Chuuren tenpai in real life! Sadly, I didn’t take a picture… Toimen had Riichi and I was waiting on 7m which was suji against Toimen. To our surprise, the person to win that game was Shimocha. Kuitan Dora 1 😀 I wish that had happened on camera. One of my best Mahjong moments!

May Yakuman be with you!


3 thoughts on “Tenhou Stuff V

  1. This was an interesting read, so I will give u a long comment.

    1) Since you are last oya, a renchan will do fine. Perhaps at lower levels you can still count on someone to discard dora for you, but there is little hope of such things happenings in games with good players. Think of it from another perspective: although you don’t want to wait for the same suit as toimen, waiting on his suit means less chance for u to furikomi to him. If you pon 3p or 5p, it is more likely that you will tsumo 2m first, then it would be the same value as chi 2m to get tenpai and then win.

    2) I am an aggressive player, so I would push here. Since its aka ari, I recommend damaten to switch in all the akas you draw later instead of discarding them. Conservative players will discard 9p to assess the situation first. Use this principle as a guide: if you won’t drop to last with this furikomi, pushing is acceptable (not always recommended, but acceptable!).

    3) Discarding 8s or 4m gives you isshanten. But this isshanten looks horrible to draw. I will prefer to meld this hand, and to preserve a better shape, so yes I will discard 1p here and drop myself temporarily to ryanshaanten. The remaining tiles are in good shape (3689s, 356m), you will get back into isshanten within 3 turns unless you are really unlucky.

    4) Yes discarding 9m is a common tile efficiency mistake. Discarding 6s is the fastest, and you can slowly adjust your hand to tanyao if 6m or 8m comes first.

    5) I don’t think an early riichi is going to strike fear in your opponents’ hearts with this score distribution. Firstly, shimocha has no incentive to bail since hes dying already. Next, toimen has last oya and a mangan won’t drop him to last, so he doesn’t want to bail with an above average hand as well. Lastly, kamicha might bail, but even if he pushes, your 2600 without ura hand will not allow you to overtake him on a direct hit. Generally, I give myself a maximum of 3 turns to see whether the hand can improve, but we will have to take score distribution into account as well. Note that when you riichi after the hand improves, the wait becomes obvious. For example, riichi with 8m means 69m ryanmen, and riichi with 7p means 58p or 69p. As oya, early riichi will work best to intimidate others. In this situation however, your riichi is just chaining you with a low value bad wait hand, so let’s wait a bit…

    6) Why would you think of chuuren poutou without a single 9p in your hand? Chinitsu is possible, but really difficult and still like 3 shanten? I feel it is probably better play to take the isshanten ssk. You can do chinitsu with this hand if you are losing really badly (again, keep score distribution in mind!)

    Anyway, I once won this hand in real life riichi by tsumo: 1112234568999p (with an aka 5). I was losing rather badly, and was so happy to win that I did not see my hand carefully. I declared baiman and one of my opponents with a lack of sportmanship swept away my hand before I could correct it to yakuman. I took my revenge on him by ronning him a oya menchin pinfu ippeikou later, but anyway, I am really looking forward to the next chuuren poutou! I did win another one though, but it was in a 3-p game.

    Alright that’s it. I am just going to make a quick suggestion. It is really troublesome to click the pictures to enlarge them and then return to the blogpost to read the words, so how about enlarging the screenshots in the blogpost itself?

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    1. Thank you so much! I love long insightful comments 🙂 Good to hear you enjoyed the post. BTW: I suppose you’re from Osamuko group. Are you Lance?

      2) I pushed that during the game but dealt in later on.

      5) You’re right! I have no idea why I didn’t eventually Riichi that haha

      Wow, that’s a great story, man! The guy must’ve been burning with envy hahaha Sometimes girls at our club sweep each other’s hands as well which I never approve of :/ The same goes for smashing the dead wall too early.

      No problem. I will enlarge the pictures. I used to post bigger ones in my earlier entries in Polish. Thanks for the feedback!


  2. Yes, I am Lance. For (2), if you didn’t riichi, you really need to access whether the tiles you draw later on are still safe to push…

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