Tenhou Stuff VII


This time I’m posting in bulk 😉

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nie suji

2m suji might be tempting here. However, we should always be wary of discarding a dora soba suji. I think 7p is a much better choice, given that we have usu kabe of 6p.



It’s quite an unusual point distribution for oorasu but it makes it all the more interesting! I’m not sure what’s the best thing to do here. Well, for this turn we have Pei but what’s next? Both Tsumo and Ron by Kamicha could end the game with us at 4th. Our hand is cheap but with 2 Riichi sticks and honba it can give us 1st. The situation is tight so people will probably push. The problem is, 1s doesn’t seem safe.

What do you think? Is it better to push or maybe fold & hope for someone else to zentsu and die like a hero?



Another sticky one… We’re behind everyone. Tenpai, waiting on Toimen’s genbutsu. Only 2 left. We have 9s for betaori. 2p seems fairly safe too. If Toimen gets Tsumo we could still get Shimocha on our Oya turn.  Ron = a disaster. I think it’s better to fold.



I thougt to myself – “Ryanmen no good – furiten”. If I had been paying attention I would’ve noticed that ryanmen was better anyway: 7 available tiles & a chance for Dora.

Gotta be on our toes all the time!



I know that Chiitoitsu Honitsu is good enough (given that it’s already E3)  but it wasn’t very late and I had a suji trap so I decided to Riichi that. Was that a mistake?

Looking at the screenshot now, I think damaten would’ve been good with Ippeiko in mind. Shanpon could’ve been a nicer wait. What do you think?






Tenpai. 3 tiles left and our wait’s genbutsu against Shimocha. Ron from Shimocha is rather unwanted since he’d overtake us and get his Oya turn in S2. Would you push or not? I think I’d fold.

Now for some WWYD quizes:



I was wondering if 7888s should be viewed as a set or a pair + ryanmen. We’re iishanten and Tanyao, Dora 2 is good enough to fight for 2nd. Discarding 3s to keep 7888s could backfire. If we got 9s we’d (most likely) not get Tanyao. Pinfu would be tough to get anyway. With 6s, it’d be better to just Riichi. I think it’s ok to let 7s go.



We have a tenpai opportunity. However, 6s is not safe. We could fold this hand with 5s and maybe even Dora (suji + usu kabe 8p – yeah, it’s still kinda fishy xD)… Or maybe it’s better to just go berserk?



Would you be wary of discarding 8s here?



Chiitoitsu Tsumo was enough to get 1st, so I wanted to keep all my pairs. Thanks to 123s, I also had a chance for a regular hand (Ippeiko), even though it was late. I thought 4p to be a good compromise between all those possibilities.

Later on, Shimocha & Toimen declared Riichi. I discarded both Haku and drew 5m–1m. I declared Riichi, waiting on 58m. Kamicha opened his hand and dealt takame. I was lucky to get 6m Ura Dora and jump straight to 1st!

Now, I’m still not sure if I made the right choice. I was really lucky. At times like these I appreciate Mahjong even more for being so unpredictable! Man, I love this game 😀

May Yakuman be with you!


4 thoughts on “Tenhou Stuff VII

  1. I completely forgot about this, so I shall comment on both your posts together.

    1. I personally feel that as last place oya, I will push that dubious-looking 3s anyway. This is justified by your lack of safe tiles. Even your supposedly safe tiles are suji and one-chance, so why bother? You are isshanten for ryannpeikou. By the way, I recently learnt that kabe must be a full wall, so 6p is not yet kabe until u see the last copy. This is merely one-chance.

    2. Pei and hatsu first, then see how your hand develops. If someone else makes an oikake riichi, let them kill each other off.

    3. Oya seems to be ignoring the riichi. Since you last oya, you can fold here and hope they kill each other off.

    4. Your mistake was discarding 6m when 1s is dead. You should not have reached this furiten situation.

    5. Yes, if you pulled in ankou, it is more desirable to wait a shanpon wait with ton. I generally am very against riichi with big hands if scores are close. That delicious riichi button need not be clicked all the time.

    6. Insta riichi, considering you already dropped dora on your 2nd turn.

    7. Push, but not with 6p. 6s and 8s will go, and chase when you get a pinzu wait.

    8. My 1st impression was to discard 6p. Then I realised how dangerous it is. I suspect some danger from kamicha, so discard 357s and only attack with a decent wait e.g. 58p

    9. It’s ok to go berserk… 2 dora and waiting on genbutsu. If you are scared, then skip chi and try to pon something.

    10. Discard 9m first, since you have additional set and chance to use dora by keeping 8s.

    11. er… no comments lol

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    1. Thank you for another comment! Good to see you revisit 🙂

      I’ve read on some Mahjong blog (I think it was Puyo’s) that one-chance can be referred to as “usu kabe” and that’s the term I’m using.

      4. Good point!

      7. Isn’t the wait good enough already? Ryanmen including Shimocha’s genbutsu and suji? I mean, Pinzu might not come at all so I think we’d better push here & now or go for betaori.

      9. I did zentsu. That 6s was unlucky ;p Still, I didn’t really have anything reliable to defend with.

      11. No comments as in “what an idiot” or…? 😉


      1. Oops i am not sure how to log in to wordpress on my phone. Anyway no comments means k well done.

        The world is not split into black and white, and riichi is not split into pushing and betaori. If 6p is dangerous, and 68s is safe, you can discard 68s and try to make a new hand with 6p before attacking. This is called playing around his wait. You will find that this happens often in mahjong manga, anime, drama or pro games. You can watch Tohai for more specific examples.


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