Tenhou Stuff VIII


Here we go again with some Tenhou situations.

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  1. atak2

    Pushing 8m seems like an obvious choice (to me at least :D). I’m wondering about Riichi. Oya is aggressive. We could afford a Mangan Ron from him. Shimocha needs a Haneman to overtake us. However, if we declare Riichi, even Tsumo Mangan will do. We wouldn’t like to get a direct hit from Shimocha either. I’m leaning towards damaten. What do you think?

  2. RnRKamicha could be dangerous. Sha hasn’t been discarded yet. Our opponent could be cooking even a Haneman there (worst case scenario – Toitoi, Honitsu, Yakuhai 2). Our hand is only potentially high scoring but tempting nontheless. Would you declare Riichi or not?
  3.  RnR3I was considering damaten in hopes for Ryanpeiko, but I don’t think there’s much benefit to that, except perhaps satisfaction from getting a rare Yaku ;p Tanyao, Chiitoitsu, Dora 1 with a suji wait is insta-Riichi material according to Daina Chiba’s book.

  4. RnR4
    Shanpon seems better – we get a nice suji trap on 9s and in case of Tsumo on 9m we could hit Haneman for 1st place. There’s one little detail – if we don’t win after Riichi, we end up last due to our Riichi bet. Toimen and Shimocha are probably tenpai already and will not fold. Kamicha may fold. If his hand is weak, he’ll probably let the three of us kill each other. He could have a nice hand though, given his risky aka Dora discard.What would you do?

  5. WWYD1

    Given our hand composition, I think it’s best to discard 3m – that way we can keep our chance for Ippeiko/Chiitoitsu.

  6. WWYD4
    What’s safer here?4p is in between two usu kabe but they’re not very reliable in late game. 4m is half suji so there’s no risk of 14 ryanmen (1m is dead anyway). On the other end we have usu kabe 6m. Both opponents could still have 47 ryanmen.What confuses me are their late discards…Kamicha kept 2p all the way to 1oth turn which could mean he has something like 223 or 235p. 7p in his discard pond also gives a nice suji trap.

    Not sure about Toimen. He discarded 5p early on but held on to that 3p for some reason. However, I’d be more wary of his two Souzu discards.

    Could anyone help? Perhaps there’s not much difference at all ;p

    May Yakuman be with you!

6 thoughts on “Tenhou Stuff VIII

  1. 1. Damaten, so you can switch out 5m to adapt your wait to match shimocha’s winning tiles. Theres only a certain limit that you can push this hand, maybe 3 turns? It is very difficult for shimocha to overtake you if you don’t furikomi, so better not push dangerous stuff against him.

    2. Lol, clearcut riichi on 69s.

    3. The riichi 7toi on suji thing works perfectly only if your wait is a 1 or 9. If you are waiting on 2, people will be wary of both kanchan and tanki. I will dama on 8m first, since you can see 3 6m and the opponents might be less likely to utilise 8m. I took a closer look and noticed that there is no better wait for you to shift to since all honours are dead. But I might make a yolo riichi if i draw pei and try to be a hisa.

    4. I am glad you recalled that I mentioned before that throwing in the riichi stick at orasu is undesirable when it makes you temporarily last. But that consideration is a bit dicey here. If someone made a decent tsumo, you will kaburi and potentially drop below kamicha in position. So let’s die trying to get first. Shanpon riichi.

    5. 3m, 4p, 6p are all fine, in descending order of preference. 6p might be useful for an obscure ssk.

    6. Bail with 8p, and live to fight another day. Worst case scenario: 2nd. If you go crazy, you are likely to get 4th.

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    1. 4. I did Riichi that but if I recall correctly I chose kanchan xD

      Thanks for a combo comment, I’m really glad to see every single one of them!

      What does kaburi mean?


  2. 1. Dama 2. Riichi 3.Riichi 4. Dama 5. 3m, 6. 4pin ( About the last one odds of them having any of those two tiles seems almost equal to me, but i will rely in the idea that you have the aka dora 5pin in your hand while you not know where is the aka dora 5man is, also there is a slightly better chances that the ura-dora is a 3man than a 3pin.) Anyway i am not sure of any of my choices, but i like to comment. xD

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    1. Hello newcomer! Thanks for your thoughts! Are you from Osamuko group?

      I wasn’t sure about 2nd because I later dealt into Kamicha’s Haneman. Hindsight bias threw me off a bit here 😉

      6. Nice, I didn’t consider aka Doras. Anyway, Lance is probably right about folding this. It’s a pretty hand but the risk of falling to last is high given two Riichi xD


  3. As i said in an earlier post, you don’t have to break apart your hand totally just cause you are bailing. Easy example: you discard both 8p, draw either 4p or 4m and you are back to tenpai without risking any dangerous tiles.

    Kaburi means oya pays double when someone tsumo.


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