Tenhou Stuff IX


Long time no read. Here’s a tiny strategy post for today.

Reading music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzk1D2x7FeM



During the game I decided not to open this hand. The main reason being late turn. Points were tight and I was expecting a Riichi or two soon.  The shape here isn’t good and melding leaves us 2-shanten. Yes, we’re Oya but pushing this hand could end badly with only Oorasu to recover.

What do you think?



It’s still quite early in the hand. We have Riichi Dora 2 with a weak shanpon wait. Kamicha is very agressive. He’s probably aiming for Toi Toi, perhaps combined with Yakuhai. Honroto is not out of question either. We need to fight for our third place but I’m not sure if insta-Riichi is the way to go. In such case, Kamicha will push, Shimocha may push, depending on what kind of a hand he has. Toimen will probably fold unless he has a really fast hand with a few useless genbutsu to discard. I’m not sure about that shanpon though. It could improve so easily with 47p.

What would you do?



Normally, we would Riichi and wait for Dora. However, since it’s really late, we need to maximize our chances of winning to escape last place. Discarding Dora at this stage could be deadily but I think Riichi on 4p is the best choice here. Pei is a really good wait and to ensure 3rd place after Ron, we need to Riichi.

What’s your take on this situation?

May Yakuman be with you!

2 thoughts on “Tenhou Stuff IX

  1. These 3 scenarios are all very troubling. I will state my initial opinions but I might change my mind soon.

    1) I support aggressive melding in tonpuusen, and tanyao dora 1 will allow you to hit the 30k mark. But it should have started from chi-ing the 3m. Otherwise, staying menzen is fine, and you can aim for a 7toi that involves dora somehow. A big hand is better for securing first in this case.

    2) Riichi-ing immediately makes more sense since the hand is already big enough. Waiting for the hand to improve to ryanmen and then win the hand has about as much combined probability as winning your shanpon first. I just want to comment that it looks wrong to discard the dora earlier – 7toi or sanshoku dokou were all possible paths.

    3) Whichever wait you choose, just riichi. Considering that joukyuu players do not dama much, I say discard the dora and secure that last place avoidance win here.


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