Tenhou Stuff X

Yo Mahjong lovers!

Long time no read so here we go with more Tenhou situations.

Music suggestion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4hpHgKrFhQ

  1. adsad

    My last turn. I decided to push this 6s. What do you think?

  2. pnp

    Here’s a similar situation. It was much earlier in the game and the points were even.
    Manzu seemed really dangerous, especially Dora vicinity. With only one winning tile left, I bailed. What do you think about those two situations? I don’t think my judgement is correct.

  3. |ooj
    I found this quite interesting as far as situational play goes. IF Chun wasn’t Dora, Chiitoi would the best option here, given that we’re Ko. With Chun as Dora, I think it’s better to tsumokiri 2s and aim for a lovely Chun Dora 3. We might get extra lucky and draw 2m for a possible 123 Sanshoku so in case we need to get rid of a pair on the next turn, I’d suggest either 7m/8s first.

  4. werwe
    The wait is tempting but I think that Riichi Dora 1 isn’t worth losing to Kamicha and giving him his Oya turn. Wouldn’t it be better to discard Chun for now and hope for Pinfu or switch to full betaori?

  5. screen-shot-10-02-16-at-01-29-pm

    I think it’s ok to push 1s here. We will not drop to last even after a direct Haneman. The wait is decent as it’s suji againt Toimen so someone might go for 7m here. What do you think?

  6. wrrw
    What a miserable situation, huh? I wasn’t sure what to do with this hand. I decided to try and get Yakuhai with Doras so I kept all Honors and cut 4s. I have no idea if that was a good approach…
    2344s is a cool shape that may come in handy. With that in mind, I thought it would be better to discard 3/7m. Eventually, I got all confused and thought that the shape ain’t that bad and I could’ve simply dicarded Hatsu or Chun 😀

    This hand can be seen here:

    May Yakuman be with you!

One thought on “Tenhou Stuff X

  1. 1. I know your question suggests that something bad happened when you discarded the 6s, but let’s put the result aside and look at this situation. Considering you are so far last and there’s no riichi, there really isn’t much reason to keep the 6s here. More importantly, we should consider why you are in a yaku nashi tenpai, and then if you decided to do that last minute to get the tenpai payments, then you have to accept the consequences.

    2. Considering your toimen just discarded a dora, you definitely cannot risk this tile so close to the dora. Furthermore, points are even, you can afford to bail here.

    3. I would prefer to discard 23p to leave space for both 7toi and a normal hand if ankou is formed or you get to pon chun.

    4. I would just riichi since 2m is relatively safe and this is a good chance to get a good lead when 1st place is oya.

    5. Probably right, since you will drop to 3rd by being in noten anyway.

    6. Considering you are the dealer, you can just drop yakuhai and try to get a riichi hand.


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