Tenhou Stuff XI


I’ve finally collected some new Tenhou situations. I hope you’ll find them interesting!

Reading music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkBUXXbtYPI



Not sure what to discard here. 4 pairs. A chance for Ippeiko.  78m ryanmen is weaker due to 3x9m accounted for. It’s still 4 tiles so better/equal to other shapes. My main concern is whether to discard the Dora? If we’re going for Chiitoi, it’s not the best choice. If aiming for a regular hand with Ippeiko – I’d keep it as well. We may get either 567 or 678 Ippeiko, both of which also give us a pair. In that case, we don’t need 9p that much. I think that’s what I’d discard. Dora is really helpful here because our hand needs every little Han we can muster 😀

What do you think?



This situation involves something I’m often not sure about. Is it better to break up 13m kanchan at this moment? Other shapes are pretty good (enough blocks for tenpai) and that lone 6m could give another strong block, possibly with Aka Dora. 1x2m has been discarded which makes our Manzu kanchan weaker than normal.



Would you call that 1s or not? 3900 is good enough and that Pon leaves us at 1-shanten with a chance for a tasty shanpon or some other wait. However, I chose to go for Ittsuu there. The problem is that calling 3s isn’t actually that good for this hand, speed-wise. We could end up with a tanki wait that way.

7700 is also possible with a shanpon wait on Yakuhai… how about going for Men-Hon???

I’d appreciate any thoughts on situations like this 🙂

Finally – WWYD?



May Yakuman be with you!

4 thoughts on “Tenhou Stuff XI

  1. 1. Wanting to keep both normal hand and chiitoi options open, I would dismantle the weakest kanchan, which is 24p
    2. We are oya and got 2 doras, so I would prioritize speed and drop the 6m.
    3. Going for ittsuu would mean that you would have to get at least one of the 3 remaining 3s and preferably two (cause if not, then you would have to dismantle 12s, slowing your hand down considerably). I would pon the 1s and drop sha, this is E3 in tonpuusen with close score situation, even those 3900 are very valuable.


  2. 1. This is 2 shanten for both chitoi and normal hand, so break a kanchan. Since 1 3p and 1 4p are out, I will discard 4p first.

    2. I will prefer to break 13m here. We only lose efficiency of 3 tiles of 2m, but we have a wide variety of tiles to draw around 6m for a better tenpai shape and more efficient hand. Note that if you follow the 5 block method (Daina Chiba’s book?), this hand already has 6 blocks so sooner or later you have to dismantle one block anyway, so why not now?

    3. There is no point trying for ittsu with this shape, even if you get 3s, you have no atama, leading to a some weird shape that has to rely on tanki eventually. I don’t agree this is 3900, isnt this a straightforward haneman? Considering that there is much less defense on joukyuu, you might get to pon (or draw) 1s and 2s, chi (or draw) 36s or 47s and that leaves you with a nobetan worth haneman. There are also a wide range of suozi tiles that can improve your hand that I won’t mention one by one. You can take a look at my favourite riichi manga: Tetsunaki no Kirinji, they classify the 1s pon as an “iron call”.

    4. I typed a response for this describing the widest ukeire by discarding 3p, then I realised that chitoi is a viable option as well. Which means discarding 6m has the best flexibility: You retain isshanten shape with dora, and leave space for pairs to form.

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  3. Thanks a lot for your comments!

    1. That’s one blindspot I still have. Keeping my chances for BOTH Chiitoi and a normal hand intact.

    3. Right! Why was I aiming so low… xD

    4. The player discarded either 1 or 2p which I found interesting.


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