Tenhou Stuff XII


Got some new situations to discuss!

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    I wonder why I didn’t go for Honitsu there hmmm….

    I decided to call that 5s and change my wait to a suji trap. I’m not sure if that was as sly as intended LOL. 2x6s vs 3x8s – which tile do you think is more likely to be in the wall/come out? Another thing is that by keeping 79s I could upgrade my wait to a 3 sided one with 6s.


    We’re chasing Shimocha here. I think Riichi nomi should be avoided with such a point gap. It’s best to discard Nan and aim for Pinfu. 45s ryanmen isn’t perfect at the moment but still good enough (5 outs). What do you think?


    There’s only 7s suji for defense here. 4m/4p suji aren’t good since both of them are around Dora(s). I think it’s ok to push this iishanten for now. 2m looks a bit better since Shimocha is not very likely to have 13m wait and 4m is one chance (34m less probable).



Back to late game discards…. Does 8m seem like a good idea here? Last 6m is still unaccounted for. 8m is safe against Toimen. Kamicha didn’t call 8m when Toimen discarded it and he dealt 7m 3 turns ago. I also called 6m from the guy so he’s less likely to have another 67m. Shimocha kept discarding from his hand so he’s the most dangerous here.

Noten payment is not ideal here but better than dealing in.

What would you do? I think Souzu tiles are best for folding here. Pinzu seem much more dangerous.



I decided not to call there even though the shape ain’t that bad (possible SSK)… What would you do?



I’ve recently dealt into a few hands while defending. Online, as well as at an EMA tournament in November. This is another example: I dealt 2s there. There are far better options here, considering Oya’s hand: 1p, 9s, Sha. It’s still not guaranteed that we’ll get away keeping that 2s but in those 3 turns a lot of other safe tiles may pop up.



My take on this is that it’s better to meld 234m for now. My point being that we still get to utilize the Dora later on which will guarantee us 1st place.

Is that good thinking?


Last but not least:


7m was Ponned by Kamicha on the same turn. WWYD?

NEWS: there’s a new Ooi Takaharu video on Maru Jan YT!!! He’s my favorite player!

I have yet to watch it. Maybe I will find some interesting situations for my next post.

May Yakuman be with you!

5 thoughts on “Tenhou Stuff XII

  1. 1) i dont understand the suji trap since u cant kuikae, u are discarding 9s to wait on 6s. The true suji trap is passing on 5s n continue waiting on 8s. On a side note, do not rush for a fast hand when you are in this kind of last position

    2) i think the more important issue here is that your hand value is not good enough for orasu, u definitely need to grab some yakus like pinfu and some doras maybe aka 5 or a dora tanki

    3) u shud nv push against an oya in riichi with a closed quad as it reaches mangan easily (unless the hand justifies it). Fold this hand immediately. If your inner beast refuses to do so, then you should discard 8s for the best isshanten. Discarding 2m is neither here nor there. Oh and 4m, 4p are not suji… you might need to revise whats suji…

    4) you are definitely going for a renchan, accept it if it deals in

    5) considering that you are last place with no more oyaban, yes u should try to riichi or die trying xD

    6) i recently realised that u shud always bail with the most recent genbutsu. Taking into account the evolution of the hands of the other 2 players, this approach is less likely to deal in to people sniping genbutsu

    7) yes even if u backfire with 1m, that original tsumo will not get you first

    I cant tell if 5s is genbutsu, but go with 8p and fold completely, let them kill each other off. Anyway your call was not a good one, it was pretty premature. As a guideline, unless you are very experienced with calling, do not open your hand with an atama or without 5 taatsus or mentsu(oh man i cant rmb what this is called, but u get what i mean)

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    1. Thanks a lot!

      You may not believe it but I know what suji is xD It’s just that I keep refering to half-suji as just ‘suji’ which causes confusion. My bad. In Jouyku games it’s not that uncommon for people to rely on half-suji too much.

      1) Hehe I totally missed the fact that passing on that 5s created an even better suji. Thanks! Also, I don’t think that was such bad play for Tonpuusen with 1300 in the pot. Perhaps I could’ve aimed for Honitsu.

      6) Very true and that’s what I also do… most of the time 😉

      Last situation: I discarded dora 7m to defend against Riichi because I assumed that 5m after 7m Pon was a lone tile.

      Boy, was I wrong xD

      Thanks for the tips!


  2. My bad about (1), i didnt notice the 1300 bounty. For the last case, yeah if the last genbutsu is called, then that player might still be waiting on that tile!

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