Tenhou Stuff XIII


Got some new screenshots to share.

Recommended background music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mzz0qPg02Ts



For starters I chose this situation from a Maru-Jan game by Ooi Takaharu. Faced with two Riichi, he decides to counterattack. Now, normally, with such a low value hand, we’d prioritize our point gain rather than better wait. We’d Riichi with a 1m Nan shanpon wait. When it comes to okkake Riichi, better wait is the priority. In this case: ryanmen 36m.

How would you play here?



Master, we’re in a tight spot! This is one of those times when declaring Riichi puts me in 4th place temporarily (or permanently xD). My ryanmen wait has 3 outs and it includes Toimen genbutsu tiles. I guess there’s no other choice but Riichi, right?



If we take pure tile efficiency into account, 2m is the best discard here. However, our shapes in Souzu are not excellent. I think it’s a good idea to keep 2m in hopes for more low Manzu tiles & Ittsuu. Following Daina Chiba’s theory – it’s better to discard 9s because kanchan 79 is a bit stronger than Penchan 112 as it can improve to ryanmen. Penchan needs its pair more. On the other hand – if we’re aiming for Ittsuu here, we will most likely only need a pair in Souzu, so perhaps it doesn’t matter much here.

Another reason to focus on Manzu tiles is possible Honitsu to the right.

Does that make sense here?

That’s all for today.

May Yakuman be with you!

4 thoughts on “Tenhou Stuff XIII

  1. 1) shimocha’s discards hint at hoarding honour tiles, if that is so the shanpon has a very small chance of winning. With 2 sticks as bounty, pick the best wait available.

    2) i dont see any insurance that 4s will pass (correct me if im wrong). I feel a better way to proceed is to stall for time either by breaking the ankou 1m or pair 4m depending on how desperate you are. I cant rlly tell if kamicha and shimocha are willing to save u, but if they are, u shud not suicide with the 4s

    3) discarding 9s does not make much sense to me. If u want to keep an ittsu chance, discard 2s or 7s. Discarding 9s loses a shanpon and keeps a useless 2s in your hand. This is a common tile efficiency mistake: beginners like to discard 3 or 5 from 556 334 ( during isshanten) which is lame and they should keep both pairs for perfect isshanten

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  2. 2. Ryuukyoku with you in noten kills you, any tsumo beside yours kills you, toimen ron on anyone most likely kills you. As most scenarios end with you in last place anyway, I would riichi and open the possibility of stopping toimen by actually winning the hand.
    3. I hate such situations; low chances of getting 1st, 3rd place right behind me, 4th place being oya and me having a mediocre hand… I think I would prioritize speed and drop 2m anyway. And I agree with LKH on the 9s.


    1. Thanks for your comment, Mati!

      3. Gotta admit I’ve kind of taken a liking to such situations since I started playing Tonpuu. You know, in a weird masochistic way xD The tighter the better!


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