Krabman interviews… episode 19


Today I present you a short interview with a player I recently discovered on YT:

A former pro player getting back to Mahjong – Gentaro (げんたろ)!

1. When did you start playing Riichi Mahjong?

About 15 years ago.

2. What do you like the most about the game?

Attacking 🙂

3. How often do you play?

Daily (ca. 3 games).

4. Online or live Mahjong – which one do you prefer and why?

I like both.

5. How do you practice/learn strategy & theory?

I read books and review my games.

6. Favorite Yakuman?

Suu Ankou

7. Any tournament achievements?

I few years ago I won a tournament in Kyoto.

8. Biggest Mahjong related dream?

To rank up on Tenhou (current rank: 7d)

9. Quick tip for Mahjong beginners?

Learn & practice defense.

May Yakuman be with you!

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