Tenhou Stuff XIV

Glory to Arstotzka!

Another weekend, another portion of screenshots. Let’s go! From this post on, I’ll assign categories to each screen to show the main issue at hand.

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1.  5 block method

Our blocks are:

11m 7ppm 135p 13s 567s

That’s 5 blocks already but our waits are all kanchan/ryankan. We have two pairs which is optimal so both of them should stay. I was wondering whether Souzu should be seen as 135 67 but I don’t think it’s very effective. I think it’s better to see Pinzu as 13 and a lone 5 in hopes for creating another block with it and incorporating two more Doras into our hand. My discard suggestion is 1s. That’s back to 3-shanten but it’s very early so our shapes should easily develop into something better, for example with 4s (3 sided wait).

Would anyone discard 1p here?

2. Chasing Yaku


Let’s split that hand into blocks:

46m 11p 24p 679p 45s 779s

Six blocks. 9p is obviously the least useful tile here considering pure tile efficency. There’s a remote chance for Ittsu here:

46m 112p 46p 79p 45s 779s

It may not be very effective to go for Ittsu here because of overlapping waits. 3p and 5p wait both overlap. Having two pairs in a hand is also recommended. Still, dropping 1p at this point may not be very detrimental to our hand. We also have no Dora and unconfirmed Pinfu so perhaps it’s good to go for a specific Yaku anyway?

3. Push/pull


Chiitoitsu is not the type of hand you’d normally push against a Riichi but here… It’s 9600 and our wait is a full suji against Toimen. Someone might still discard it. 1s is by no means safe but I think this is a good push. I posted this on our Twitter and Gentaro, Tenhou 7d player, also said to push. He’d only fold if this was still 1-shanten.

What’s your opinion?

4. Push/pull


1m is now a suji which might be discarded soon. We’re in 2nd and Shimocha is waaay behind. We could get hit by a direct Haneman and still hope for second place but I’m not sure if that makes sense before S3. 1m is now our best defensive option and should be discarded in my opinion.

5. Oorasu in last


We’re chasing Toimen here. Riichi Dora 1. 1000/2000 Tsumo means we’ll have to get Ura Dora (if I counted correctly). I think it’s better to discard 12s and hope for Pinfu SSK, the shape in Pinzu is really good.

6. Push/pull

4s looks kind of scary if we look at Shimocha’s discards. He didn’t take that previous 4s but it was much earlier in the hand. Getting hit by Oya’s potential 4+ han  is game over here (Tonpuusen). I think it’s better to discard 9p.

7. Open vs closed


I think that committing to Toitoi here is not bad given one ankou already in hand. This hand is bound to be Riichi nomi. Sanshoku is still pretty far away and using Dora is not likely.

Suu Ankou anyone?

8. Speed/value


I don’t think Ton is the best discard here. This is a Honitsu hand. Yes, it’s 1-shanten but the only Yaku will be Ippeiko and that’s only if we get takame 6p. I think it’s better to let that Manzu ryanmen go.

May Yakuman be with you!

2 thoughts on “Tenhou Stuff XIV

  1. 1. This 135p ryankan shape ensures one dora in your hand. You can discard 1s when you draw something beside aka 5p to make an additional set.

    2. There’s actually a 456 sanshoku here as well. Considering that you are already in the lead, do not build this hand to commit to a riichi nomi. Discard 9s, and play carefully unless you get good draws which give you either ittsu or sanshoku. The earlier dora discard is very bad – you should not be letting your opponents pon dora and have an instant mangan to overtake you. You have no dora because you already discarded it.

    3. Definitely push this because of high reward low risk. Almost all the dora are visible to you so most likely toimen’s hand will be cheap even if you deal in.

    4. This is the complete opposite of the previous situation, where there is 0 dora visible. You can do a play around by discarding your pair of 1m and hope to (luckily) draw 3m and tenpai again, or (even more luckily) draw 9m and tenpai on toitoi sanankou. Do be mentally prepared that 1m may be hit by a weird wait if you are unlucky, but you have no better alternative in this situation.

    5. No do not discard the 12s and cheapen your hand. What you can do is to keep tenpai first and riichi if you draw a 69m that gives you ippeikou and then riichi. You can also draw dora and riichi on a shanpon wait. If you happen to tsumo 3s first, then do a furiten riichi depending on which ippeikou side you think you will draw. Desperate situations call for desperate measures.

    6. I agree with discarding 9p, not just shimocha is dangerous, you could be hit by a dama from other other players as well.

    7. I will discourage opening for toitoi without your 5 pairs/ankous. You don’t want to end up in a tanki wait. And why is it hard to use dora? You already have 6p ready to absorb dora.

    8. Considering that score situation, you should consider building a bigger hand so pinzu menzen-honitsu is a better target than pinfu.

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    1. Thanks for visiting again! Much appreciated 🙂

      2. Oh yes, Sanshoku. Ok, so it’s better to keep both pairs intact and aim for Ittsu/Sanshoku. Note taken. I recall a similar situation from a few posts ago!
      If I had kept Dora, I would’ve likely had to hold on to it until the end, right? Just to stall others.

      5. Thanks. I totally ignored Manzu there…. Giving up one Han just like that is really not a good idea, yes.

      7. There’s also a vague SSK 678 chance.


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