Krabman interviews… episode 21


Today’s interviewee is Justyna Kruczek, a very important figure on the Polish Mahjong scene.

1.  How did you start playing Riichi?
During a study camp, on the first year of my studies.

2. What do you like the most about it?
A mixture of skill and luck.

3. How often do you play?
Once a few weeks.

4. Online or live Mahjong – which one do you prefer and why?
I never got used to playing online, I scarcely do it – I prefer playing with live opponents.

5. How do you practice/learn strategy & theory?
I’ve never got round to learn strategy for real, still on it.

6. Favorite Yakuman?
Daisangen. (Justyna got one at Dragon Owl Riichi Contest 2016, a tournament held by our Mahjong club in Bielawa! – Krabman)

7. Any tournament achievements?
Two 1st places  in Polish tournaments: Warsaw Mahjong Taikai 2011 & Dragon Owl Riichi Contest 2016.

8. Biggest Mahjong related dream?
I’d like to translate a few Japanese Mahjong strategy books I own, for the use of Polish players.

9. Quick tip for Mahjong beginners?
Don’t give up, it gets more and more fascinating, no matter if you win or lose.

Thanks for your answers, Justyna! We’re all waiting for your translations…. perhaps in the form of a column on my blog, huh? 😉

May Yakuman be with you!

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