Krabman interviews… episode 24


In this episode I present you an interview with one of the strongest Swedish players (Tokujou room) – Jasper “yazphier” Germeys!!!

1.  How did you start playing Riichi?
Started playing Mahjong Fight Club on the PSP, no clue about anything, but me and a friend played alot against eachother over local network…

2. What do you like the most about it?
Balance between luck and skill.

3. How often do you play?
Lately, way too rarely, only a few games a month, but used to have to limit my online play to only 10 games a day… Live – has only topped to a few games a week, local group is very small.

4. Online or live Mahjong – which one do you prefer and why?
This is very close for me, I like online play due to speed and accessibility that it provides as unfortunately, you don’t see a lot of really high skilled and fast players in Europe (not saying I am fast either, with live tiles). However, I also love to play live, the social aspect and to touch the tiles too…

5. How do you practice/learn strategy & theory?
Not sure if I do.. play alot, I know I should read alot, but I don’t. I review games occasionally, but much too seldom.

6. Favorite Yakuman?
Furiten double Riichi Ippatsu Tsumo… what is Yakuman?

7. Any tournament achievements?
I accidently discarded wrong when I declared Riichi on the first hand of the first hanchan at the first WRC – resulting in my first tournament chombo. Other than that, 3rd twice…

8. Biggest Mahjong related dream?
Currently, I really want to go to a Japanese tournament some time.

9. Quick tip for Mahjong beginners?
Learn to play fast, pay attention even when it’s not your turn. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Most decisions are not even worth thinking about, spend your thinking power to the decisions that are relevant instead. There are a lot of decisions that could go either way, so don’t waste energy on those. If you’re unsure, just pick something, it’s very likely that your first thought was right, if not, analyse it afterwards and try to figure out how to detect it. With experience you will learn which decisions you actually need to think deeply about. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself as (then) you might stop enjoying it just because the luck isn’t there. …and finally, don’t look at the wall/dead wall, unless people are cheating, that part should be considered completely random. It’s dangerous to get influenced by “my next draw” thoughts. Even if it might have been true that particular time, it’s a bad base for decision making.
(how’s that for a quick tip ;p – Krabman)

That’s all. Thanks again, Jasper!

May Yakuman be with you!

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