Tenhou Stuff XVIII


Here’s a bunch of screenshots to discuss, this time they’re not from my games:


How to divide this hand into blocks?

468m 2346p 1334567s (2 blocks)

Souzu are very flexible and may produce two/three groups and a pair. One group + a pair is already there. 6p seems like a no-brainer here but is it really? It’s not very late and I kinda see some Sanshoku potential here. My suggestion is to get rid of 8m now.

What do you think?


The pot is tempting. We don’t really have safe tiles against Kamicha. I’d say 3p one-chance is the best defensive option. We’re 1-shanten, one of our waits is not so great but I think pushing 9s for now is OK. What do you think?


I don’t think we can afford to decline that tenpai. Toitoi would be a monster but we can’t expect anyone to drop Dora, especially since Kamicha is probably going for Honitsu.

Would you take kanchan 7p tenpai or keep Dora as a pair and hope to improve the wait by calling further? Kamicha may easily drop more Manzu.

I opt for the latter option.

One last question:

Since Shimocha is Shacha, his Wind is too dangerous at this stage, isn’t it?

That’s all for now.

May Yakuman be with you!

6 thoughts on “Tenhou Stuff XVIII

  1. 1. 1s is actually the obvious discard here. Using 3s as your pair, you extend sequences using middle tiles. Drawing in 2s might make things awkward, but you still have a 34s to connect the 2s to, so technically that’s not really backfiring. It is easily by far the most efficient and flexible discard, giving you tanyao immediately even. Keeping 1s and discard 6p is actually the amateur way of playing – by keeping matching tiles and discard disconnected tiles.

    2. This hand has very bad shape and is not good for pushing a dangerous suit which might cause you to join last place in the dead zone. I think 3p has a very high chance of passing, and after breaking the ankou you can reevaluate the hand again to see if it is now pushable.

    3. Definitely take tenpai. Wasn’t it the whole point of those reckless calls in the first place? It doesn’t make sense that you would so readily discard 4p the previous turn but hold back on 8p. For a more balanced playstyle, you could have kept all those pairs and drifted towards chitoi by holding on to as many pinzu tiles as you can. With two doras, the hand was bound to be at least mangan if closed.

    4. Yes, no point pushing this sha when you are not even in tenpai. You have safe tiles.

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    1. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

      BTW: how are you doing on Tenhou??

      BTW 2: I’m looking for people to collaborate with on my blog. Would you be interested in writing some strategy articles?


  2. Tenhou – very badly, I have been in a slump ever since falling from houou a year ago, and currently stuck floating between 5d and 6d. Erm, no I don’t think I want to write articles lol.


    1. That’s a bummer, even though 5-6d already means you’re really good! Do you play a lot these days? I haven’t seen you around on Osamuko lately… or the Discord channel (which is a great place to discuss strategy nowadays!)…


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