Tenhou Stuff XXI

Bonjour! I hate French but whatever…

More Tenhou screenshots coming your way!



Do we call this? I decided to pass and wait but I think Yakuhai Chanta is enough for E3, and we rely heavily on Yakuhai anyway. A quick win sets up nicely for E4.
Not sure about calling Haku later on for a tanki wait. I guess it’d be worth considering if 9p isn’t dead by that point.


Speed is important even more so when we’re Oya but with this point situation I decided to wait for Riichi. If I got another pair, I could end up with Yakuhai Iipeiko which would be really nice.

What do you think? Was that a mistake? Should point differences even be considered here?


We’re iishanten and have two Dora so 8m discard is ok, I think. However, given our shape in Manzu: 468 78 which lets us utilize aka Dora/another 7m, as well as makes Pinfu more probable (along with Iipeiko!), is discarding 12s a good move? How would you play that?


I didn’t know what to discard. In that moment, I wanted to keep my calling options and discarded 56m but I think it was a BIG mistake.
It’s early and I can also get Sanshoku here. Two 1p are out so I can’t rely too much on getting them. I think the best discard would be 23p.


Iishanten – a bad one though, so I think it’s better to discard our Manzu and aim for Honitsu while slowly considering to fold. Kamicha seems to need Souzu so it’s even better to start stashing that suit.


This was a bit tough for me. Chiitoi iishanten. We’d have to let 9s go because it’s the weakest link to 7 Pairs. However, when I was playing, I was considering 17s discard to keep Yakuhai chance.

The problem is, winning a 1k hand and giving Toimen his Oya turn doesn’t seem like a good outcome.

Both Chiitoi and regular hand have similar ukeire for the time being. We could improve our 7m6p shanpon to ryanmen but it’d still be a super cheap hand so Chiitoi seems like the way to go.

7. EV vs SPEED

How dumb is attempting Chinitsu here? Even with 2p dead (won’t need them much anyway).

For the quickest option – I’d go with 1p. 8p is not helpful either but 1p keeps our chances for Itsuu.

May Yakuman be with you!

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