Tenhou Stuff XXII


More Tenhou situations to crack our Mahjong brains on!


This was tough for me. Pinzu shape with two tiles that aren’t of immidiate help but are good for hand development. Three penchan waits, two of which I’d like to use for 789 SSK. Three pairs which is too many. I decided to cut one pair. Since I was considering SSK, I thought that pair of 8s would’ve been the least useful. Thoughts?


Currently we have 4 blocks – 344m 566 889s Ton + 3 floating tiles. We also have 4 pairs which we mustn’t miss here! I’m wondering whether it’s best to discard 6p. Logic: in terms of forming ryanmen, all lone tiles are equally good but 69/14 ryanmen is a better wait than 47/58, generally speaking. Also, ukeire for 3 & 6 overlaps so it’s better to discard one of them.


I think it’s best to keep 4m and reduce ryankan in Souzu to 357.

With three Dora and sparse 14p, isn’t it better to simply keep 1-shanten here? Points are close so perhaps I should prioritize speed.


How about committing to Tanyao here by discarding 9m? I don’t think it’s a good idea to discard Souzu because of Oya. It’s better to keep them as two blocks. Lone 5p may come in handy. Not sure about that, though.


Would you push just a little bit with 5s? It’s double one chance. I think it’s better to fold. It’s getting late and one of our waits is really bad.


Would you discard 5s to go after Honitsu? Or maybe discard 67m for best chiitoi wait? I’m in favor of the latter.


San Ankou would be tempting here if it wasn’t for dead 9p. I think it’s best to discard 9p. We can have three blocks in Souzu now – 123 335 67. What do you think?


This is a nuance but I think 8s should go first because if we get Dora 3s, we will have ryanmen with 2s and only a kanchan with 5s.


6p is safe against Riichi but let’s look at Oya who’s most likely not defending. His last 8p discard could mean that this zone is dangerous. We should be aware of that and discard 1s/9s.

That’s all for today!

May Yakuman be with you!

2 thoughts on “Tenhou Stuff XXII

  1. 4. While speed is important especially nearing towards the end, it’s also important to secure above 30k if u could. In this case, discarding 12s will put you back to 2 shanten instead (thus slowing down your hand). For faster tenpai, cut either 2p/2m would be good, but resultant wait might be bad i.e penchan 3s.

    5. Should cut 5p unless going for value. if not, cutting pair of 9m is inefficient, will still need to cut another set later on, which might be more risky.

    6. Fold. Main: Even if you do manage to get into tenpai, value is insignificant when considered for score distribution.

    7. I think chitoi is okay. But you could consider also chitoi hon if u get into first tenpai by dropping 5s (depends on when you get into tenpai). There’s good potential for this hand for 16000.

    8. Do consider chitoi by dropping 3s.

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    1. Thanks for your comment!

      4 – value is good so we shouldn’t worry about that bad wait too much, I think
      8 – discarding 9p also allows us to open for Tanyao later on. But yeah, Chiitoi is worth considering since our hand shape’s not so great

      Cheers 🙂


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