Tenhou Stuff XXIII


After a long break I have some new situations to discuss! Those screenshots have been stashed on my PC for much too long. As always, I’ll explain my thought process during the game.


Both Sha and 8m seemed too dangerous to discad and my hand was just Fanpai at that point. I decided to fold. A few discards later, I managed to get back to Mangan tenpai. Tempting, huh? I think neither 8m nor Sha are discardable, still. No Sha has been discarded and there are two opponents very likely holding on to them. Sha is both a weak wait and isn’t safe. 8m seems dangerous when you look at Oya’s Dora Pon and possible Honitsu/Chinitsu. I think the correct play is to keep folding with Haku.

Do you think my suggestion is sound?


Isn’t it better to discard 9s here? It’s safer and lets us still win that hand, even though our 47m & 58 waits are so-so.


What a miserable situation… Should we give up our Oya turn? Risk 7m or play safer with Dora? I can’t really decide so I’ll wait for you to chime in…


I’m not sure if this is a good representation of digital vs analogue approach. I’m also nut sure why I didn’t keep 2m for Hamenan but anyway…. xD

9p is the better wait here, math wise. However, since 2p is one chance and neither of our opponents are likely to have 1p (early Kamicha’s, Shimocha’s discards; 2x2p tedashi by Toimen), there’s a higher probability that the last 1p is in the wall. Moreover, when someone gets that last 1p, it’ll be hard to use and they’ll most likely discard it. Thus, I chose to cut 9p. What do you think?

May Yakuman be with you!

2 thoughts on “Tenhou Stuff XXIII

  1. I’m a newbie so take what I say with a grain of salt:

    1. I would fold as well, I agree with your reasoning.

    2. I would’ve discarded 9sou so it would open up tanyao with potential sanshoku.

    3. This is probably be super dumb, but I would discard the 5pin dora.

    4. I think both ways sound good, but waiting on a single tile of 1pin sounds so nerve-wracking for me.

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