Tenhou Stuff XXIV


I’ve finally managed to sit down and write something… Here’s one of my recent games along with a couple of screenshots for discussion:



My hand’s headed towards Pinfu Nomi. It’s getting kind of late, my Kan 8p wait is barely alive anymore. No Ton has been discarded. I’m wondering whether it’s better to discard Ton or go for 79p first. Keeping 4m allows us to aim for 345 SSK. I think it’s better to discard 7p. I don’t want that block in my hand anyway. Of course, there’s always the issue of having to discard the Dora later but who knows, maybe I will draw another one myself? Mind you, that would probably mean my blocking each other out with some other player…


Kan Dora makes this call quite tempting. I don’t think it’s worth it, though. It’ll make my hand iishanten but I’ll have a hell wait on the last 7p which can only slightly improve by drawing 8p (5p is dead so no ryanmen for me), There’s also a chance that one of my opponents has Nan and isn’t going to discard it. Building another block in Manzu seems slow and 6m is one chance, so I may end up with a half-assed ryanmen (36 or 69m). Toimen declared Kan, so he’s probably going to Riichi soon. I think it’s better to pass, but I’m not sure. It means abandoning this hand altogether, I think.


I’m not sure what to discard here. It’s iishanten to Riichi – Tanyao isn’t guranteed. I’d like to make use of 2p. Is it better to keep all Pinzu or to discard 5p and keep Souzu? 4s could be either my group or a pair.

I think I’d discard 8s. Pinzu may extend into a three sided wait and I can still hope for red 5s.


Here I’m deciding which ryanmen to break. There’s no difference between them on the surface, but I think they’re not the same if we consider the table: my 9p call and my discards may suggest I’m going for Pinzu Honitsu. That means it could be harder to get Pinzu tiles from my Kamicha. I think it’s better to discard 4p for now. I’m not sure if my thinking is correct because when I call Chun, people will see that I’ve just discarded a Pinzu ryanmen which will make Honitsu unlikely. My logic only applies to a potential 58m call for atozuke tenpai which may not be worth a debate.

I’m a total greenhorn when it comes to situational discards, so please correct me if I’m wrong!

I’d appreciate comments on my playing in that game 🙂

May Yakuman be with you!

4 thoughts on “Tenhou Stuff XXIV

  1. Oh no I typed one whole comment without logging in and it disappeared. Anyway let me give you 2 pieces of advice.

    Firstly, when do you discard dora? Definitely not when your hand is complete junk, especially in late game. There is no point discarding the live ton which can give someone an instant mangan. But if you have an early good wait e.g. 69p, you should just discard the dora and riichi. Extreme reluctance to discard dora will only hinder your advancement as a riichi player.

    Secondly, the idea of atozuke. Many players (amateur and veteran alike) make poor atozuke plays as they only focus on moving one step closer to tenpai with no consideration of what their melds are telling other players. 9p pon and 789s chi are poor melds that hints about a reliance on yakuhai, and should be avoided unless you have a clear backup plan e.g. toitoi, honitsu, chanta, sanshoku. Mahjong is a game where players have to win first not just tenpai first. Why make melds that prevent people from discarding your crucial yakuhai in late game? Furthermore skipping a 9p pon is not slowing your hand down at all. It is in fact advantageous to you as you have less chance of being furiten later by keeping 9p as your pair.


    1. That happens to me too!

      You’re right and these are the things I’m constantly trying to get a better feel for. So in the last example, I should call everything EXCEPT for 9p?


      1. I don’t really think you should atozuke this hand, considering its all ryanmens and the hand is cheap. I know you are desperate, but you will be quite screwed if chun does not appear. Have some more patience, and your first call should be either an aka chi or a chun pon.

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