Tenhou Stuff XXIV

G’day! I’ve finally managed to sit down and write something… Here’s one of my recent games along with a couple of screenshots for discussion: LOG 1. HAND PLANNING My hand’s headed towards Pinfu Nomi. It’s getting kind of late, my Kan 8p wait is barely alive anymore. No Ton has been discarded. I’m wondering whether … More Tenhou Stuff XXIV

Tenhou Stuff XXIII

Greetings! After a long break I have some new situations to discuss! Those screenshots have been stashed on my PC for much too long. As always, I’ll explain my thought process during the game. PUSH/PULL Both Sha and 8m seemed too dangerous to discad and my hand was just Fanpai at that point. I decided … More Tenhou Stuff XXIII

Tenhou Stuff XXII

Привет! More Tenhou situations to crack our Mahjong brains on! 1. BLOCK METHOD This was tough for me. Pinzu shape with two tiles that aren’t of immidiate help but are good for hand development. Three penchan waits, two of which I’d like to use for 789 SSK. Three pairs which is too many. I decided … More Tenhou Stuff XXII

Tenhou Stuff XXI

Bonjour! I hate French but whatever… More Tenhou screenshots coming your way! SPEED VS VALUE   Do we call this? I decided to pass and wait but I think Yakuhai Chanta is enough for E3, and we rely heavily on Yakuhai anyway. A quick win sets up nicely for E4. Not sure about calling Haku … More Tenhou Stuff XXI

Tenhou Stuff XX

Greetings! Guess what? I’ve found some new Tenhou screenshots to discuss! 1. TENPAI IMPROVEMENT Is it better to insta-Riichi or wait to improve our hand? I won’t consider keeping 3p because of 1p in our discards. 23 234 55667 145678 are our tiles of interest. 3x1s 2x4s 1x5s 1x6s 4x8s 11 tiles in total which … More Tenhou Stuff XX

Tenhou Stuff XIX

Evening! Today’s post is mostly focused on Riichi judgement. Feedback appreciated!!! 🙂 1. RIICHI JUDGEMENT  I think it’s best to Riichi. We have some tiles to upgrade to Pinfu but it’s better to get this Han from Dora and win. 2. RIICHI JUDGEMENT Another Dora wait. Different context. Since I didn’t want a shanpon wait, maybe I … More Tenhou Stuff XIX

Tenhou Stuff XVIII

Howdy! Here’s a bunch of screenshots to discuss, this time they’re not from my games: 1. 5 BLOCK METHOD How to divide this hand into blocks? 468m 2346p 1334567s (2 blocks) Souzu are very flexible and may produce two/three groups and a pair. One group + a pair is already there. 6p seems like a … More Tenhou Stuff XVIII

Tenhou Stuff XVII

Privet! Reading music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0NziKrCQ-0 Tenhou screenshots approaching! 3…. 2…. 1…. 5 BLOCK METHOD I think the best plan for this hand would be Pinfu (SSK) Dora 1. However, that scenario is not super likely. The blocks are: 666 78m 1335p 88p 23s 7s or 66 678m 1335p 88p 23s 7s I’m not sure but I think option … More Tenhou Stuff XVII

Tenhou Stuff XV

Sup? Here we go with more Tenhou… only one situation today. I had more but before posting I had some eureka moments and the screenshots turned out to be useless 😀 Reading music suggestion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Rst3w6W6zw 1. Tenpai anticipation This was a crucial hand, possibly my game winner. I didn’t need 3 pairs anymore thanks to that precious … More Tenhou Stuff XV