Tenhou Stuff XV

Sup? Here we go with more Tenhou… only one situation today. I had more but before posting I had some eureka moments and the screenshots turned out to be useless 😀 Reading music suggestion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Rst3w6W6zw 1. Tenpai anticipation This was a crucial hand, possibly my game winner. I didn’t need 3 pairs anymore thanks to that precious … More Tenhou Stuff XV

Tenhou Stuff XIV

Glory to Arstotzka! Another weekend, another portion of screenshots. Let’s go! From this post on, I’ll assign categories to each screen to show the main issue at hand. Reading music recommendation: 1.  5 block method Our blocks are: 11m 7ppm 135p 13s 567s That’s 5 blocks already but our waits are all kanchan/ryankan. We have … More Tenhou Stuff XIV